About Us

Hello Brothers,


We are the “Sons of Hiram Riding Club”. We started because of a desire to ride motorcycles, to help lodges, our brothers with degree work and help our youth programs. We travel through the state performing degrees, installations and funerals for lodges that need help.  We currently have 3 chapters in Washington and look at adding more chapters in the near future as well as growing to other states and countries.


Our fundraisers are focused with helping the youth programs and when we can, masonic concordant bodies. Recently we sponsored an Eagle Scout project building a shelter at the Masonic Family Park and Campground.  We also donate to the Grand Masters’ charity. We strive to promote membership in the lodges and have brought over 20 new brothers into our craft.


We are the only Riding club in Washington State authorized to wear the Square and Compass by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington. Our chapters are open to Master Masons who are in good standing with a Freemason Blue lodge. However, if you would like to ride with us and are not a Freemason, you can still ride; you just cannot wear our patch.  We do not require that you join our chapter to participate in any of our rides. If you feel like going for a ride please do not hesitate to contact us.  We enjoy riding our motorcycles (of any make and model) and spending time with our Brother Masons. That is a key factor in our club, we ride!


We feel that this is a great way to help our communities, youth programs and our Brothers.



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